Why Using PLR Articles Is A Good Idea

I see a lot of people on forums asking about private label rights articles or content and how it can help their business. You do get some people saying that plr is lazy and the quality is crap, but then you always get people who have never actually experienced good-quality plr and tell others that [...]

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10 Ways To Use PLR Material Effectively

Pretty much everybody who owns an online business has been in need of PLR Private Label Rights services at one point or another. Be it articles, E-Books, newsletters, product reviews or simple auto-response emails, PLR is the best way to go for busy website owners who simply do not have the time to put out [...]

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How To Re Write PLR Content And Make It 100% Unique

Rewriting PLR articles is essential if you plan on using the content on your website or blog. For many years, I have been re writing content to use on my affiliate sites and using PLR has been a great starting point as its easier to re word something than to come up with a completely [...]

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PLR Titan New Site Design….

Well, as you can see PLR Titan has taken on a new design, and IM actually really pleased with how it looking. The reason why we had to suddenly change the design was because one of the shopping cart features changed, and it actually crashed the site. So late one night last week I had [...]

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Christmas Is Coming…..

As you can see PLR Titan is growing and growing at a rapid pace. We have a team of full-time writers creating and sourcing some of the best content on the Internet and so our ever growing private label right site is getting huge. We have, however, been having a few problems with the instant [...]

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The Pros And Cons Of Private Label Rights

Resale rights work in such a way that an owner of an article or a book grants one the authority to sell that book to others and then keep the profits. Private label rights, however, go much further, efficiently granting the "private label rights" buyer to do what he wants with the articles or text [...]

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PLR Titan is Finally On Its Way….

As you can see we have been busy adding lots of fantastic PLR articles to the PLR Titan site, and I can tell you that there is over 200 article packages on the site now, and that is still growing daily. We have been putting a lot of time and effort into the site trying [...]

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Fresh Content With PLR Articles In 10 Minutes

The purpose of this article is to hopefully help those of you that can't seem to rework those PLR articles into fresh content the search engines will love. First of all, I would like to say upfront I can't guarantee you will take every PLR article and make it unique in 10 minutes. I simply [...]

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How PLR Reports Can Boost Your Online Business

Do you know what a PLR report is? Many people do not! PLR is the abbreviation for Private Label Rights. PLR comes in the form of articles, software, websites, graphics, PDF reports, audio and video presentations, and e-books. What is so special about PLR is it is a "ghost written" product, which you can brand [...]

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An Easy Way To Create Unique Content By Combining Private Label Articles

Using private label articles you can provide content for your websites easily. Altering such articles and submitting them to article directories along with your resource box is also a great way to generate traffic to your websites. However, you should first make your PLR articles really unique. Publishing unaltered PLR articles on your website may [...]

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7 Irresistible Traffic Generation Internet Marketing Strategies To Make Money From Private Label Rights Products

Private label rights products, with its very own nature of its rights, allow you to break them into small content segments. Break them into pages of content and upload them to your blog. Use some software to upload them in regular intervals automatically, say one per day. Two to three private label rights products in [...]

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5 New PLR Article Packages Added

Hello Everybody, Well, its been mega active back at PLR Titan headquarters, we have been busy on lots of projects and of course getting more PLR packages onto this site so that you can use them to enhance your website and drive more traffic, which will make you more money. What should you expect from [...]

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60 Private Label Article Packages Added…

Hi, it's Danny here again. I'm just writing to let you all know we've added even more private label rights packages to the PLR Titan site. These packages range from snoring remedy, Thanksgiving party and martial arts. So as you can see there's a lot of diversity in our article packages. We are still running [...]

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35 Article Packages Are Live

Hello, So we are a few months in and we have added 35 p LR article packages to our site with a whole lot more to add. We've been frantically busy getting new and fantastic articles written and prepared for you so that you can ensure that you have the best possible content for your [...]

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Its going to take time….

Hello All, I thought I would just post a little update and let you all know that the site is still undergoing some huge changes and that new PLR content wont be added for a few weeks while we get the current PLR content up to speed and of course get the site looking fantastic.

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The All New PLR Titan Website

Hello and welcome to the all new PLR Titan website. I deceided I did not like the old store as it was not very friendly to use and was a bit of a pain to upload new priducts to. This new site is using wordpress (yes I love wordpress) and it is using the woocommerce [...]

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